MS 360° Finale

Be a part of it!

Dear patients, relatives and interested parties,

on September 2, 2023, the time has finally come:
Our MS 360° campaign will end with a big party!

Together, we have been going through all aspects of MS since March 2023 - from pharmacy to dentistry. And now we would like to celebrate the finale with you.

Along with fun and games, the focus on this day will also be on MS. In addition to interesting lectures, interviews and posters, we are delighted to show you the MS Center outside the daily routine of the clinic.
Relatives and interested people can get insights into the life with MS and test themselves with the "trotz ms-Bus" (Roche).

There’s a goal wall to test your shooting skills, there‘s Spot, the robot dog, and there’s also virtual surfing (CeTI).  For the little ones, we have handicrafts and painting – we even have a bouncy castle! There’s also a number of great prizes to be won in our tombola - and the best part is: you’ll be helping us to improve the care for people with multiple sclerosis. Make sure you don’t miss out!

We look forward to welcoming you, your family and friends on September 2, 2023!

Our Program - 2.9.2023


Welcoming & Interviews
Official presentation of
wish stamps
Prof. Dr. med. Tjalf Ziemssen
Dr. Sven Ehrlich & Sylva Helms | DMSG
Phil Hubbe
S. Haase & H.-C. Kurz | Deutsche Post AG


MS & Cartoons
Phil Hubbe


Exhibition opening & tours


Welcome to our Center!
Tours at the ZKN with
Prof. Dr. med. Tjalf Ziemssen


Together for patients
Interview Prof. Dr. med. Tjalf Ziemssen with AutHor & Podcaster Nele Handwerker



Cannabis & Multiple Sclerosis
Dr. Dennis Stracke
Mediosapotheke an der Charité Berlin


Acknowledgement & Farewell

  • Sylva Helms & Dr. Sven Ehrlich, DMSG Sachsen e.V.
  • Prof. Dr. Focke Ziemssen, Klinik für Augenheilkunde
    Universitätsklinikum Leipzig
  • Dr. Dennis Stracke, MediosApotheke, Charité
  • Phil Hubbe, Cartoons
  • Things to know about the MS: ZKN & ORD
Take action
  • All hands for MS! Leave your handprint!
  • Ice hockey shooting, Dresdner Eislöwen
  • Robot dog, surf demo, digital glove, CeTi - Center for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop
  • Neuromuscular Feedback Training - HAL Treatment
Fun & Games
  • Mega raffle with lots of great prizes!
  • Balloons, painting and craft fun for the little ones
  • Bouncy castle - fun (not only) for the little ones, Dresdner Eislöwen
  • Hydro & the Fire Department Dresden
  • Guided tours of the MS Center Dresden
  • Trotz MS - The Roadshow, with the kind support of Roche Pharma AG
  • Exhibition of our Pharmaceutical und Rehabiliation partners
  • Innovative textils - ITM
  • Digital Innovations by Vodafone
  • Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft
  • Exclusive: Sale of stamps with Hubbe motifs - MS360° style
Food & Drinks
  • Foodtruck,
    The Boy & The Burger
  • Barbecue and drinks,
    Dresdner Espresso

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